AAA’s First Lip Dub

The students in my Video Production I class at the Arts and Academics Academy shot their first Lip Dub at the end of last semester to the old school tune “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. The day we filmed was probably my favorite day of teaching ever! So many students stepped out of their comfort zone and into the lime light to make the day especially memorable… and the video is not too shabby either.

Big shout of here to seniors Kia Hang and Castelly Castellon who did a great job co-directing – including convincing the whole school that they should learn to dance “The Hustle” for the finale! Also, my hat is off to cinematographer Kaitlin Hubbard who can now balance a Glidecam faster than anyone I know and did a great job shooting for her first big video project.

You can check out the final product on AAA’s YouTube channel.