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2013 Digital Humanities Summer Institute at UVic

I have received a partial scholarship to attend the 2013 Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria. There I will be engaged in a praxis-oriented workshop on using and designing games for Digital Humanities courses.

Hazzard at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

Come check out Hazzard at the 39th annual Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival in Portland, Oregon running November 9th through 18th.

All Hail the Chief!: Adolescent Masculinity in Reaganite Teen Films

My paper, “All Hail the Chief!: Adolescent Masculinity in Reaganite Teen Films,” has been accepted to the 2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference in Washington D.C.

Here is my paper/presentation synopsis:

Susan Jeffords’ 1993 book, Hard Bodies: Hollywood Masculinity in the Reagan Era, highlighted the 1980s phenomena of “Hard Body” male action figures who were defined by exaggerated muscular builds. Films like Die Hard, The Terminator, and characters like Rocky Balboa and Rambo inundated popular culture with their hyper masculine images. Many of these films featured antagonists who were communists or veiled as being by-products of countries that embraced Marxist ideals. The images and ideologies from the “hard body” films were firmly connected to the outlook and appearance of then-president, Ronald Reagan, and acted as pop culture propaganda for the masses.

While much has been written about the cultural impact of the adult-centered “hard body” films, little has been written about a subset of teen films that similarly embodied anticommunist stances and featured aspiring muscle-bound male youths. In this paper I examine films like the original Red Dawn (1984), The Rescue (1988), Russkies (1987), Little Nikita (1988), Born American (1986), Real Genius (1985), and WarGames (1983). I will be expanding Jefford’s thesis by looking at the messages aimed at adolescent audiences during Reagan’s 1980s and how they differed from their adult peers. Finally, I will take a look at the contemporary legacy of these films and analyze the 2012 remake of Red Dawn to see if the messages and motifs have changed or if the remake still embraces simplistic patriotic ideals, faultless masculinity, and politically conservative ideals.

Hope to see some old faces at the conference and meet some new academics!

Hazzard at the Shoreline CC Mini-Film Festival

On Wednesday October 10th at 7:30pm in the Shoreline Community College theater (1600 building) Hazzard will be screening as a part of the Shoreline Community College Mini-Film Festival, a celebration of student, faculty, and alumni film work. The event is free and open to the […]

Hazzard will screen at the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival

I am happy to announce that Hazzard will be playing at the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival in Hood River, Oregon on Saturday October 27th at 7pm in the Studio Theater.

Hazzard Screening Information

Here are some of the screening times for Hazzard coming up in October around the Sound. You can check the film out and met some of the crew at the following events:

Local Sightings Film Festival
At the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle
Tuesday, October 2nd at 9pm
Part of the Experimental Shorts program.

Tacoma Film Festival
At the Museum of Glass in Tacoma
Sunday, October 7th at 12:15pm
Part of the Documentary Shorts program

Gig Harbor Film Festival
At the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor
Friday October 19th at 2pm

Hope to see you there!

More Festivals for Hazzard

Looks like Hazzard has some legs! Just heard that it has been accepted and will be screening at the 15th annual Local Sightings Film Festival at the Northwest Film Forum and at the Gig Harbor Film Festival. Dates and times forthcoming…

Evergreen Reunion

In May I returned to The Evergreen State College for its 40th anniversary celebrations. Evergreen is where I received my bachelors in liberal arts, and, also, where I first started my formal study of media.

Hazzard Premiere!

Dr. Linda Hazzard

Exciting news today!

My latest short documentary, Hazzard, will be premiering at the Tacoma Film Festival in early October. They are still working on the program, so more details about a specific time and place to catch the film will be forthcoming.

Here is a little about the doc:
In early 1900s Seattle Dr. Lina Hazzard believed that fasting was the cure for any all maladies, and watched as over 40 of her patients withered into death’s embrace.

Sometimes truth is crazier than fiction and this is definitely one of those times.

Dr. Linda Hazzard was a naturopathic doctor working around the Seattle area in the early 1900s. She was granted her license to practice medicine under a (now defunct) program that allowed alternative healers to submit documentation to the state that the deserved to be full doctors. Dr. Hazzard believed that fasting could cure anything. She told a reporter for The Seattle Daily Times in 1907 that: “Proper dieting will solve the problem of life and death and there is no reason why we should not live forever, for, after all, eating is only a vulgar habit that the human race could probably dispense with.” Several of her patients were known to have died under her care, while many others disappeared after seeing her. And this is only the beginning of her story. She robbed her patients of their possessions, forged wills, switched out bodies, hid dying patients from their relatives, and so much more. It is a true horror story.

After we completed the film we found a book about Dr. Hazzard that we’ve been reading. Her story is definitely deeper than what we could cover in 7 minutes. So for more information about Dr. Hazzard I recommend the book Starvation Heights. Or you can just go straight to the source and read Dr. Hazzard’s book Fasting For The Cure of Disease yourself.

We made the film in just 5 days for the International Documentary Challenge. We weren’t finalists, but had a great time nonetheless. Especially our producer, Luke, who enjoyed taking behind the scenes shots when no one was looking. You can see some of the shots on my Flickr photostream.