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I had a great time checking out the Virtual Reality pieces at SIFFX on June 5th. The pieces were shown on Samsung Gear VR sets and the HTC Vive.  The headsets were impressive and helped a lot with the stabilization issues that I’ve seen with other […]


I am excited to announce that Music of the Spheres will be a part of the inaugural SIFFX festival that runs in conjunction with the Seattle International Film Festival.  From their site: SIFFX is a brand-new four-day festival within the Seattle International Film Festival showcasing the […]

Music of the Spheres

My new project – Music of the Spheres – has launched.  Check it out at

Music of the Spheres is the first series to completely tell its story using 360 degree technology; blazing a new trail for motion picture storytelling.

The storyline of Music of the Spheres follows the protagonist Angela as she searches for her sister Elizabeth in an alternate universe ruled by the teachings of Pythagoras. Angela is as determined to save her sister as she is guilt-ridden since Angela accidentally banished her sister to the distant realm as a child.

When I started writing the series last fall the camera we shot with – a v.360 from VSN – wasn’t even available. But as soon as I heard about the possibility to shoot in 360 degrees I knew it would be perfect for our story.

The revolutionary format did not come without challenges. The crew had to hide out of view during takes. This meant that often they were in a completely different room than where the action was taking place. Personally, I found myself several times huddled behind a tree and listening to the actors perform and trying to figure out if they’d hit the emotional beats of the scene.

Luckily the cast includes a bevy of Washington talent who’ve been seasoned on high profile projects like Syfy’s “Z Nation” and NBC’s “Grimm” as well as movies like Wild and Safety Not Guaranteed. Rosalie Miller stars as Angela and the primary cast also includes Tony Doupe (Dan), Lowell Deo (Scott), Jennifer True (Petra), Jodie Harwood (Pam), Caroline Slater (Young Elizabeth), and Maeve Campbell (Young Angela).

More Festivals

Maikaru and A Dose for Dominic are going strong at different film festivals coming up. Here are a couple of ways you can check them out.

Vote for Maikaru!

Maikaru is up an Audience Award through The Audience Awards website. Please consider watching and voting for our film… and then vote again (you can login and vote once a day).

Maikaru’s Big SIFF Win!

Maikaru took home the award for Best Documentary Short at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival. SIFF is one of only 34 film festivals in the world where, if you win a juried prize for short films, your work is considered to be Oscar eligible.

Maikaru, Writer & Director Amanda Harryman, Co-Producer Luke Ware, and I had a blast at the Golden Space Needle Awards Brunch on Sunday 6/8. There we picked up our very stylish award and had a lot of fun taking a selfie with it in front of the repeatable.

After the awards we had a production meeting on top of the needle overlooking our city. Notice how I am trying to play it cool since I am a local and not looking at the gorgeous view of my city.

Maikaru is Oscar Eligible!

On Monday May 26th Maikaru won the award for Best Documentary Short at the Oscar-qualifying Seattle International Film Festival.

My Student Wins!

Congratulations to my student Kateah Nims! Today she became the first Arts and Academics Academy student to win an award at the Northwest High School Film Festival!

Maikaru at SIFF

Maikaru, my latest producing and editing effort, will be making its US premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 23rd. I will be attending the screening as well as several crew members and Maikaru himself.

Maikaru made its international debut at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival on the 1st of May. There the film won the award for Best Director and was the runner up for Best Film as a part of the 2014 International Documentary Challenge competition.

Dominc Screenings

May is a busy month for A Dose for Dominic. You can check it out at the following festivals and on PBS here in Washington.