artist statement

Ruth GregoryRuth Gregory is a filmmaker, academic, and nerd working in the Pacific Northwest. While her creative work has transgressed many mediums over the years, she currently identifies herself as a documentary filmmaker with experimental tendencies first and a writer second. At the core of her creative practice Ruth is interested in telling stories from an unique perspective and often asks herself – “What hasn’t be said or shown before? Whose stories are absent from the cultural landscape?” – before she begins a project.

Her interest in distinctive media narratives also translate to her academic work. Ruth’s scholarship is rooted in the ideological frameworks of Cultural Studies and Feminism. Her primary focus tends to be inquiries into the representation of gender and people of color in the media.

Ruth earned her MFA in Film from Ohio University and she also has a MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell. She currently teaches media arts classes at the Arts and Academics Academy (a public arts-infused high school) in White Center, Washington where she is more commonly known as Ms. G.