Women Ski Jumpers Make History!

On Tuesday February 11th female ski jumpers made history as they competed on the 95 meter hill in the Olympic Games in Sochi. Two-thirds of team USA included Jump like a Girl athletes Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome.

A shorter version of Jump like a Girl will be airing on Alaska Public Media in March.

Jessica placed 10th, Lindsey 15th. Silver medalist Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (Austria), who busted out an impressive 104.5 meter jump in the second round to reach the medal stand, is also featured in JLAG.

Congrats to all the ladies who competed. You made history. You showed the world what it means to Jump like a Girl. I am so proud that you let me tell a part of your story.

More great news clips about women’s ski jumping at the Sochi Games are here:

By far my favorite shot from the day was this one from Lars Baron at Getty Images.
Lindsey Van competes at the Sochi Olympics