Send Rigby to Ireland

Rigby (the kid formerly known as Bryce) is currently attending Washington State University as a non-matriculated student. He has to fill in some gaps in his education before he’s fully admitted to the university and online community college wasn’t working for him. Because of his status as a non-matriculated student, he cannot access any financial aid.

Rigby is interested in a program that explores poetry in Ireland from June 3 – 18, 2023. We are supportive of him going because over the past couple of years he’s become a great traveller and we think the alternative environment might help him academically; since formal classrooms, papers, and exams are not easy for him. However, we cannot pay for him to go.

We are hoping to crowdfund to help Rigby go to Ireland. Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Tuition – $1,692.00
Program Fee – $2,486.00
Global Learning Fee – $200.00
WSU International Health Insurance Fee – $38.59
International Airfare Estimate – $ 1,500.00

Total Needed – $5,916.59 – aka $6,000 for those of us who like round numbers 😉