Northwest College Film Festival

The 2013 Northwest College Film Festival will be held in Shoreline Community College’s theater on Saturday May 4th at 4pm.  Entrance to the event is free.  The awards for the finalists will be held directly after the screening.  This year the line-up includes several pieces from Ruth’s students as well as work for Northwest college students from Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Washington:

Binlang  (James Cathey, University of Idaho)
Brilliant – A Short Story (Austin Halvorsen, Southern Oregon University)
Breaking and Falling (James Ward, Shoreline Community College)
Emergence (Bri Cummins, The Evergreen State College)
A Film Montage (Yvonne Hill, Shoreline Community College)
Freefall (Jackie Argueta, The Evergreen State College)
Indelible (Cory Wilson, Seattle Central Community College)
The Three Body Problem (Dalyce Lazaris, Seattle University)
Jack Wilson Live @ Werd Records (Jason Williams, Shoreline Community College)
Kithkin by: Fallen Giants (Ben Anderson, Seattle University)
Luck One X Dizz by: Dem Say Yeah (Ben Anderson, Seattle University)
Practice (Logan Norton, Eastern Washington University)
Rhode Trip by: Soul Transpo (Alison Forsyth, Shoreline Community College)
Tag (Lars Berg Andersen, Seattle University)
Walla Walla Race Day (Will Witwer, Whitman College)
Women & Paint: Three Artist Portraits(Rosalie Miller, Langara College)

More information about the festival is on the SCC college website.