DTC 491 Schedule Spring 2024

The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the class.  All changes will be reflected here and a message will be sent out to the entire class through the Canvas email system.

You can access the syllabus for DTC 491 on Canvas.

Module 1: Classical Hollywood Story Structure

Week & DatesClass PrepIn-ClassDue
Week 1Read the 491 Syllabus

April Format Guide
Jan. 9 – Introductions & Class Overview

Jan. 11 – Script Formats
Week 2Barbie script

Chapter 4 of Save the Cat!
Jan. 16 – Classical Hollywood Story Structure, Story Beats, Identify Beats

Jan. 18 – Bring Barbie script to class (either printed out or on your digital device)
Due Wednesday January 18th: Story Beat Participation (In-class)
Week 3What is Script Coverage?Jan 23 – Script Coverage Basics

Jan. 25 – Workday OR Watch Barbie (2023) together in Morrill 140

Module 2: Mixed Media

Week & DatesClass PrepIn-ClassDue
Week 4Jan. 30 – Introduce Mixed Media Assignment, Example Mixed Media Films

Feb. 1 – Watch Paper Heart (2009)
Due Wednesday February 1st: Script Coverage OR Script
Week 5The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video

Audio Tips for Filmmaking

Room Tone & Ambiance

Abelton Basics
We will not have class meetings for everyone during our normal class times. Instead, come on the day assigned to you. This week’s focus will be Audio. Meet in Avery 451.

Tuesday 2/6 – Last names A – H Class Canceled

Thursday 2/8 – Audio Workshop for Everyone
Week 6Using a Green Screen

Get to know the After Effects Interface

Getting to know the Basics of Animation

Work with Photoshop and Illustrator Files

Animate graphics using keyframes
We will not have class meetings for everyone during our normal class times. Instead, come on the day assigned to you. This week’s focus will be on Animation & Effects. Meet in Avery 451.

Tuesday 2/13 – Last names A – H

Thursday 2/15 – Animation & Effects Workshop for Everyone

Week 7

Pixels & Resolution

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Basic Tutorials

Using the Source Monitor

Trimming Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

Color Correction Effects

Basic Audio Editing

How to Export a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Upload Videos into YouTube
Meet in Spark 210 both days this week.

Tuesday 2/20 – Introduction/Review of Editing

Thursday 2/22 – Introduction/Review of Editing II
Week 8Tuesday 2/27 – Workday/Workshop Make-ups

Thursday 2/29 – Workday/Workshop Make-ups
Due Thursday 2/29 Completion of:
1) Audio Workshop
2) Animation & Effects Workshop
3) Editing Part I
4) Editing Part II
Week 9Sign up to meet with Ruth this week here.

Tuesday 3/5 – Individual Rough Draft Meetings with Ruth

Thursday 3/7 – Individual Rough Draft Meetings with Ruth
Due Thursday 3/7 –
Mixed Media Rough Draft Check-In
March 12 & 14Spring BreakNo Class
Week 10March 19 – Workday

March 21 – Mixed Media Screening Film Crew Positions

Module 3: Documentary Modes

Week & DatesClass PrepIn-ClassDue
Week 11Essential Guide: Film Crew Positions

Chapter 6 from Introduction to Documentary
March 26 – Mixed Media Screening

March 28 – Documentary Modes
Due Tuesday 3/26 Before Class: Mixed Media Project

Due 3/26: Attendance at Mixed Media Screening
Week 12Tuesday 4/2 – Class Canceled

Thursday 4/4 – Documentary Modes Cont. & Groups Assigned

Optional: 50 Hour Slam Friday April 5th – Sunday April 7th
Week 13
Video 101: Shooting Basics

Shooting video with a DSLR

Framing and Composition 

Video Lighting Basics

Bounce Lighting

Color Temperature for Video

A Look at How HBO’s ‘Insecure’ Lights Black Actors so Well

Set Hack: Hollywood Lighting with Simple Household Items
Tuesday 4/9 – Camera & Lighting Basics. Meet in Avery 451

Thursday 4/11 – Workday
Due Tuesday 4/9 Completion of:
Camera & Lighting Basics Workshop.

Due Thursday 4/11: Written Group Check-In about Documentary Modes Project
Week 14Tuesday 4/16 – Workday

Thursday 4/18 – Workday
Week 154/23 – Workday

4/25 – Documentary Screening
Due Thursday 4/28 Before Class: Documentary Modes Project

Due Thursday 4/28: Attendance at the Final Screening
FinalsNo Class Meeting During Finals WeekDue Tuesday 4/30:
Self & Peer Evaluations