DTC 491 Schedule Spring 2022

The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the class.  All changes will be reflected here and a message will be sent out to the entire class through the Canvas email system.

You can access the syllabus for DTC 491 on Canvas.

Module 1: Classical Hollywood Story Structure

Week & DatesClass PrepIn-ClassDue
Week 1Read the 491 Syllabus

Overview Video

Print out or download the Spiderman script
Jan. 10 – No Class – Delayed Semester Start due to Weather

Jan. 12 – Class Overview & Read the script for Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (Asynchronous online)
Week 2Chapters 4 of Save the Cat!

What is Script Coverage?

April Format Guide
Jan. 17 – No Class- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed

Jan. 19 – Classical Hollywood Story Structure, Story Beats, Identify Beats, Bring Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse script to class (either printed out or on your digital device)
Week 3Jan 24. – Workday

Jan. 26 – Class Cancelled
Due at the end of the day on Monday January 24th – Story Beat Participation
Week 4Jan. 31 – Script Coverage Basics

Feb. 2 – Interview Day

Module 2: Mixed Media

Week & DatesClass PrepIn-ClassDue
Week 5Feb. 7 – Introduce Mixed Media Assignment

Feb. 9 – Watch Paper Heart (2009)
Due Wednesday February 9th: Script Coverage
Week 6The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video

Audio Tips for Filmmaking

Room Tone & Ambiance

Abelton Basics
Feb. 14 & 16 – We will not have class meetings for everyone during our normal class times. Instead, sign up for each of the workshops below:
1) Music Creation Workshop – (Avery 451) Options M/W/F 4:10pm
2) Audio Recording Workshop – (Avery 451) M/W 5:00pm or Friday 2:10pm
Week 7Using a Green Screen

Get to know the After Effects Interface

Getting to know the Basics of Animation

Work with Photoshop and Illustrator Files

Animate graphics using keyframes
Feb. 21 – No Class President’s Day

Feb. 23 – No formal class meeting on 2/23 instead: Sign up for each of one of the workshops below:
1) Green Screen/Analog Animation – (Avery 451) Wednesday 1-2pm, 2-3pm, or 5-6pm
2) Digital Animation (Avery 101) – Tuesday 1:30pm, Wednesday at 4:10pm, and Friday at 4:10pm

Week 8

Pixels & Resolution

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Basic Tutorials

Using the Source Monitor

Trimming Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Export a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Upload Videos into YouTube

Video 101: Shooting Basics

Shooting video with a DSLR

Framing and Composition 
Feb. 28 – 4pm Camera Workshop (A-L, Avery 451) & 4:30pm Premiere Pro (M-Z, Avery 101)

March 2 – 4pm Camera Workshop (M-Z, Avery 451) & 4:30pm Premiere Pro (A-L, Avery 101)
Week 9March 7 – Make-ups

March 9 – Make-ups
Due Wednesday March 9: Completion of 5 of 6 Workshops -1) Audio Recording, 2) Music Creation, 3) Green Screen/Analog Animation 4) Digital Animation, 5) Camera, & 6) Premiere Pro
March 14 & 16Spring BreakNo Class
Week 10March 21 – Check-Ins (M-Z)

March 23 – Check-In (A-L)
Due Wednesday March 23: Check-In with Instructor about Mixed Media Project
Week 11March 28 – Workday

March 30 – Mixed Media Screening
Due Wednesday March 30 Before Class: Mixed Media Project

Module 4: Documentary Modes

Week & DatesClass PrepIn-ClassDue
Week 12Essential Guide: Film Crew Positions

Chapter 6 from Introduction to Documentary
April 4 – Documentary Modes, Film Crew Positions, Groups Assigned

April 6 – Workday
Week 13Color Correction Effects

Basic Audio Editing

Video Lighting Basics

Bounce Lighting

Color Temperature for Video

A Look at How HBO’s ‘Insecure’ Lights Black Actors so Well

Set Hack: Hollywood Lighting with Simple Household Items
April 11 – Workday

April 13 – Workday
Week 14April 18 – Workday

April 20 – Check-Ins
Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend the Expert Series Talk with Rebecca Cook on Tuesday April 19th at 4pm on Zoom

Due Wednesday April 20: Check-In with Instructor about Documentary Modes Project
Week 15April 25 – Workday

April 27 – Documentary Screening
Due Wednesday April 27 Before Class: Documentary Modes Project
FinalsNo Class Meeting During Finals WeekDue Wednesday May 4th:
Self & Peer Evaluations