z_DTC 201 Schedule Spring 2019 M/W/F

Class Syllabus: https://ruthmakesmedia.com/dtc-201-syllabus-spring-2019

This is the schedule for the Spring 2019 Monday/Wednesday/Friday section of DTC 201 that meets from Times: 12:10 – 1pm in Spark 339.

The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the class.  All changes will be reflected here and a message will be sent out to the entire class through Blackboard’s email system.

Week & DatesClass PrepIn ClassDue
Week 1 –


Jan. 7, 9, 11

Before class on 1/9 review:

DTC 201 Syllabus 

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

The Great War Begins

Components of An Artwork

What is Modern Art?

Art Forever Changed by World War I


Form & Content

Modernism & WWI

Unit #1 – Dada Photomontage

Week 2 –

Jan. 14, 16, 18

Review before class on 1/14:

Dada Movement

Photography Composition Rules

Composition Guidelines

Photoshop Overview
Week 3 –

Jan. 21, 23, 25

Review Photoshop Tutorials before class on 1/21:

Photoshop Basics

Changing an Image Size

Working with Layers

Making Selections

Combine Images

Workday in lab  

Workday in lab

Workday in lab
Week 4 –

Jan. 28, 30, & Feb. 1

Workday in lab
Snow Day

Workday in lab

Due Friday Feb. 1 before class starts – Rough Draft of Photomontage

Due by the end of the day on Friday Feb. 1 – Peer Reviews of Photomontage Rough Drafts
Week 5 –

Feb. 4, 6, 8

Workday in
Unit 1 Test

Photomontage Due
Due Monday Feb. 4th – Test Review (Class Participation)

Wednesday Feb. 6th – Unit #1 Test

Due Friday Feb. 8th by the end of class- Photomontages

Unit #2 – Futurism Image

Week 6 –

Feb. 11, 13, 15
Review before class on 2/11:

The Principles of Design

Defining Futurism

Khan Academy Futurism Chapter

Principles of Design

Introducing Futurism

Illustrator Overview

Due Tuesday February 12th by the end of the day – Photomontages
Week 7 –

Feb. 18, 20, 22
Review before class on Feb. 18th:

Illustrator Overview

Create and Edit Shapes

Changing Color & Strokes

Adding Text to Your Designs

Organizing Content with Layers

Create with Drawing Tools
Workday in lab

Workday in lab
Week 8 –

Feb. 25, 27 & March 1
Workday in lab
Snow Day

Workday in lab
Week 9 –

March 4, 6, 8

Test Review

Workday in lab

Workday in lab

No Class on Friday March 8th Lab will be open for use
Due in class on Monday March 4 – Test Review (Class Participation)

Due before the end of class on Monday March 4th – Rough Draft/Check-In

Unit #2 Test in class due Blackboard on Friday March 8th

Due by the end of the day on Friday March 8th – Futurism Images
March 11-15 No ClassSpring Break

Unit #3 – Soviet Montage

Week 10 –

March 18, 20, 22
Review before class on 3/18:

The Theory of Film & Video Editing

Soviet Montage Theory

Copyright Basics

Bound by Law
No Class on Monday March 18th

Soviet Montage Overview

Copyright Overview
Week 11 –  

March 25, 27, 29
Review before class on 3/25:

Understanding Pixels and Resolution

Editing Basics in Premiere

Trimming Clips
Premiere Overview


Week 12 –

April 1, 3, 5



Rough Cut Critiques
Due before class on Friday April 5 – Rough Cuts of Soviet Montage sequences

Due by the end of the day on Friday April 5 on Blackboard – Peer Reviews of Soviet Montage sequences
Week 13 –

April 8, 10, 12
 Unit #3 Test Review
Unit #3 Test

Final Soviet Montage sequences due
Due in class on Monday April 8 – Test Review (Class Participation)

Unit #3 Test in class on Wednesday April 10th

Due by the end of the day on Friday April 12th – Soviet Montage sequence

Unit #4 – Portfolio

Week 14 –

April 15, 17, 19
Before class on 4/15 review:

The Digital Divide

Internet World Stats

DTC 201 template site
Access & accessibility in digital environments

Practice Essay

Online Portfolios
Week 15 –

April 22, 24, 26

Workday in lab

Workday in lab

Workday in lab
FinalsDue by 11:59pm on Monday April 29th.

Digital portfolios due by the end of the day on Monday April 29th.