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My Student Wins!

Congratulations to my student Kateah Nims! Today she became the first Arts and Academics Academy student to win an award at the Northwest High School Film Festival!

AAA’s First Lip Dub

The students in my Video Production I class at the Arts and Academics Academy shot their first Lip Dub at the end of last semester to the old school tune “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Everyday White Center

Recently the students in my photography classes at the Arts and Academics Academy in White Center, Washington launched a project called Everyday White Center on Instagram. This photojournalism project is modeled after Everyday Africa. Their mission is to:

The common media image of the African continent is one of extremes – but how can we identify the extremes without first establishing the norms? Everyday Africa, a collection of images shot on mobile phones across the continent, is an attempt to re-direct that focus towards a more accurate understanding of what the majority of Africans experience on a day-to-day basis: normal life. As journalists who have lived and worked on the continent for years at a time, we find the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the familiar, the everyday.

You can check out more about Everyday Africa on their website too.

We felt that White Center, Washington — where our school is located and many of us live — has a similar image issue, without all the exotic animals and safari’s thrown in. So we’ve launched the project Everyday White Center on Instagram to show the outside world what it is like everyday to live in a part of town that is usually only featured during the first 10 minutes of the news.

You can check out more about what’s going on in my classes on my class website – Media Arts with Ms. G.

Clyde “Kid”

South Whidbey has produced a fair amount of filmmakers including yours truly. Maybe it is something in the water?

Digital Humanities at UWB

During Spring 2013 I had the pleasure of teaching Reality Bytes: Introduction to Digital Humanities at the University of Washington Bothell and this is where I brag about my students’ amazing work!

Digital Humanities Summer Insitute

My talk – “The Digital Comes First: The Importance of Praxis-Centered Pedagogy in Digital Humanities Courses” – has been accepted at the 2013 Digital Humanities Summer Institute to be held at the University of Victoria.  Here is an excerpt from my proposal about the content of my talk:

Discussions of the craft or the technical aspects of the tools frequently employed in Digital Humanities classrooms have been presented, at times, as secondary to time spent exploring the theoretical or historical content of these courses.  In this presentation I will discuss my experiences creating praxis-based assignments that equally combine historical and theoretical concerns with artistic and technical skills in my Digital Filmmaking and Digital Humanities courses.  Oftentimes these assignments include social justice elements that are intended as catalysts for larger discussions around issues of power and privilege in society.  I will propose simple solutions to help other faculty increase their inclusion of technical and artistic proficiencies in their courses and, also, solicit input from the audience about assignments they use that might contribute to this discussion of the importance of utilizing a praxis-centered pedagogy in the Digital Humanities.

Looking forward to discussing pedagogy with my peers very soon!

2013 NW College Film Festival

The Shoreline Community College Film Club will be hosting the 2nd annual Northwest College Film Festival on Saturday May 4, 2013 in the SCC theater. Submissions are due April 1st.

My Editing Students Rock!

During Fall 2012 I taught a video editing class and had some incredibly talented students. This is the post is where I brag about their work.