DTC 208.01 Schedule Fall 2022

The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the class.  All changes will be reflected here and a message will be sent out to the entire class through the Announcements on Canvas.

Week & DatesClass PrepIn ClassDue
Week 1 –

Aug. 23, 25

DTC 208 Syllabus (on Canvas)

The Advent of Cinema

Zoetrope History

Pre-Cinema Devices, Zoetropes & Thaumatropes
Week 2 –

Aug. 30, Sept. 1
Doing Film HistoryEarly Film History
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache (2018)

Finish Be Natural
Due at the start of class on Sept. 1 – Thaumatropes & Zoetropes

Unit #1 – Genre & Sound

Week 3 –

Sept. 6, 8
Main Film Genres

Comedy Films

Drama Movies

Romance Films

Adventure Films

Science Fiction

Fantasy Films
Film Genres Overview

Genre Elements
Due before the end of the day on Thursday September 8th – Step #1 Group Genre Argument Essay
Week 4 –

Sept. 13, 15

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

We’ll start the film on Tuesday and finish it on Thursday
Week 5 –

Sept. 20, 22
1920s and 1930s in Film

The Importance of Sound. Watch Wall-E Animation Foley & Sound Design. Introduce Genre Switch Assignment.
Week 6 –

Sept. 27, 29
Pixels & Resolution

Best Screen Recording Software


QuickTime (Mac)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Basic Tutorials

Using the Source Monitor

Trimming Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Export a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Upload Videos into YouTube
No formal class meeting on September 27th or 29th. Instead, attend a Premiere Workshop #1. Sign up HERE.Due before the end of the day on Tuesday September 27th – Step #2 Group Genre Argument Essay
Week 7 –

Oct. 4, 6
Genre Switch Check-Ins Check-In (Last Name K-Z)

Genre Switch Check-Ins (Last Name A-J)
Attend Premiere Pro Workshop #1 before the end of the day on Oct. 4th OR Premiere Pro Quiz #1

Genre Switch Check-In due by the end of the day on October 6th
Week 8 –

Oct. 11, 13

Genre Switch Assignment – Screening. Meet in Bundy Reading Room (Avery 111)
Due before class on October 13th – Final Cuts of Genre Switch

Unit #3 – Cinematic New Waves & Editing

Week 9 –

Oct. 18, 20
Production Design

Film Lookbook Examples
1940s, 1950s in Film

1960s, 1970s in Film, Introduction Cinematic New Wave Assignment
Week 10 –

Oct. 25, 27
Watch: La Pointe Courte (1954) 1h20m

Watch: Black Girl (1966) – 60m
Week 11 –  

Nov. 1, 3
Video 101: Shooting Basics

Shooting video with a DSLR

Framing and Composition 

Canon XC10
Camera Basics Workshop (Last Name A-J)

Camera Basics Workshop (Last Name K-Z)
Week 12 –

Nov. 8, 10
Glidecam Tutorial

Smooth Out Your Videos with Camera Sliders

Jibs & Cranes

13 Essential Gimbal Moves

Camera Movement Workshop (Last Name K-Z)

Camera Movement Workshop (Last Name A-J)
Week 13 –

Nov. 15, 17

Work Week
Due By the End of the Day on November 17th – Camera Basics Workshop and Camera Movements Workshop OR Camera Quiz #1 and #2
November 22, 24
No ClassThanksgiving Break
Week 14 –

Nov. 29, Dec. 1
Work Day

Attend Premiere Workshop #2. Sign up HERE.
Due by the end of the day on Nov. 29th – Cinematic New Wave Footage

Due by the end of the Day on Friday December 2nd – Premiere Pro Workshop #2 or Editing Quiz #2
Week 15 –

Dec. 6, 8
Cinematic New Wave
Check-In (Last Name A-J)

Cinematic New Wave
Check-In (Last Name K-Z)
Due by the end of the day on December 8th – Cinematic New Wave Check-Ins
Finals Final Screening of Work – Thursday December 15th at 9amDue before 9am on Thursday December 15th – Cinematic New Wave Edits