DTC 201 Schedule Summer 2020

Class Syllabus: XXXXXX

The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the class.  All changes will be reflected here and a message will be sent out to the entire class through Blackboard’s email system.

Introduction & Digital Porfolios

WeekReview MaterialKey TopicsDue
Week 1 Course Introduction Video
DTC 201 Syllabus
Form and Content
Art in the 21st Century
DTC Professional Development Instructions
Digital Portfolio Instructions
Discussion Guidelines
Digital Portfolios
Form and Content
Friday May 15 –
Syllabus & Course Introduction Quiz
Discussion #1

Old & New

Week 2 Old and New Overview Video
The Principles of Design
Artist Superimposes Subjects of Classical Paintings into Modern Day Kiev
Alexey Kondakov Instagram
Roger Shimomura’s Website
Greg Kucera Gallery – Roger Shimomura
Roger Shimomura Smashes Stereotypes With Art
Kehinde Wiley Studio
Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic
Old and New Project Guidelines
Pitch Guidelines
High and Low Art

Alexey Kondakov
Roger Shimomura
Kehinde Wiley

Sunday May 17 –
Digital Portfolio
Discussion #2
Week 3Review Photoshop Tutorials:
Photoshop Basics
Changing an Image Size
Working with Layers
Making Selections
Combine Images

Sunday May 24 –
Old and New Project Pitch
Quiz #1
Discussion #3

Place & Displacement

Week 4Place & Displacement Overview
The Elements of Art
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith’s Website
Yto Barrada on how the Strait of Gibraltar shapes life in Tangier
Yto Barrada’s Website
The Walled Off Hotel
Banksy’s Website
Place and Displacement Project Overview
Pitch Guidelines
Yto Barrada
Melanie Smith
Sunday May 31 –
Old and New Final Draft
Discussion #4
Week 5
Illustrator Tutorials:
Illustrator Overview
Create and Edit Shapes
Changing Color & Strokes
Adding Text to Your Designs
Organizing Content with Layers
Create with Drawing Tools

Sunday June 7 –
Place and Displacement Pitch
Quiz #2
Discussion #5


Week 6Connections Overview
Copyright Basics
Associated Press Settles Copyright Lawsuit Against Obama ‘Hope’ Artist
Intellectual Property Law: Why it matters?
Copyright Law and Public Domain: How they affect Native Communities
French museums should return looted art treasures to Africa, report commissioned by Macron says
A Painting Looted by and Returned to Nazis Finally Goes to Its Jewish Owners
Over 9,000 Years Later, Kennewick Man Will Be Given a Native American Burial
Artistic & Cultural Ownership
Repatriation & Restitution
Sunday May 31 –
Project #2 Final Draft
Discussion #6